Graphic Design Academy (training videos in three levels) - Cositas Prácticas
Graphic Design Academy (training videos in three levels) - Cositas Prácticas

Graphic Design Academy (training videos in three levels)

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Do you want to be a graphic designer and get paid top dollars for your work? This course will take from basic skills, to advanced skills, and even pro skills. No prior experience needed and no expensive software to buy: you will use freely available online tools to become a pro graphic designer. 

But even if you are not planning to become a graphic designer and you just want to create better graphics for your social media sites or for your publications, this course will help you achieve that goal. 

Basic course (10 lessons): Introductions, social media posts, animated posts, photo and text, presentations, editing graphics, using elements, resizing graphics, managing files, and fonts.

Advanced course (15 lessons): Creating documents, selection tools, file types, cropping and resolution, layers, bending modes, text tool, effects, introduction to GIMP, saving and exporting images, rotating and flipping, painting. 

PRO course (30 lessons): Photoshop (curves, brightness and contrast, hue saturation), banner ads, graphics for YouTube, designs for Facebook, brushes and filters, advanced effects and conversions, luminosity masks, backgrounds, noise removal, color tools, scripts and plugins, and many more topics. 

COMPLETE Course (55 lessons): All three courses in one ZIP file. 

Study at your own pace and at a place of your choice. 

IMPORTANT: Disclaimer: Monetary and income results are based on many factors including your background, your work ethic, and your business skills or practices. There is no assurance that completing the course will lead to employment, income, or compensation.